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If you think that your relationship with him is no longer exciting as it used to be, you should ask yourself whether he is already bored with you or not. It is important to know because when a man is getting bored in his relationship, he will tend to have an affair with another woman. Of course, you can prevent this from happening if you can make him interested with you again. But first, you need to know the signs when he’s bored with you. Here are 3 signs he is bored with you:

1. He’s no longer focusing on you

In conversation, in daily life, he’s no longer focusing on you. When you talk to him, he will often wander around, not fully listen to what you’re talking about. Or, when you text him or send him an email, he will often not write a reply. This is a sign that he is bored toward you. What you need to do is to make your relationship interesting again. You can do this by asking him to go to a new place that you both can enjoy. This is a good way to reignite your love in your relationship. Or, you can change your appearance slightly to make yourself more beautiful for him. This is also a good trick.

2. He’s no longer pay much attention to you

Whatever dress you wear, whatever thing you show him, he seems not to be interested with it. He’s no longer giving you his compliments. If he usually showers you with compliments about your hair, your beauty, your dress, your necklace, and everything, he won’t do that again when he’s bored with you. Perhaps, he will even say things like “that dress doesn’t suit you” and similar remarks that sometime will make you disappointed.

3. He’s starting to get mad to you

For no apparent reason, he’s starting to scold you for many things that you do. Perhaps, in some way you have made him feel disappointed. If you don’t know why he’s going mad at you, you should ask him why. Sometimes, he will explain to you what you need to change. This is a typical sign that a man is getting bored with his lover. The key is to understand the reason behind his emotional behavior. Is it because you are no longer interesting for him? Perhaps, that’s because you are no longer respecting him in some ways.

Those are the signs that he is bored with you. When a man gets bored toward his lover, he will usually show the signs above. The question is not how to change him to fit your ideal man. The question is about how to make yourself more interesting for him so that he’s no longer getting bored at you.

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  • JackReynolds:

    i understand apparent signs, but how about some ones that just quieter/shyer women do once they as if you or don’t believe they are fully aware you sufficient in the future to you?

    thanks men, and women.

  • Johnky J:

    Hi…uhm…yeah. I love this girl in a single of my classes…and I wish to begin to make moving (finally)…however i can’t know if she likes me or otherwise because she’s really shy and quiet…she smiles at me and glances at us a lot and pays virtually full attention after i talk…however i can’t tell because I am stupid if this involves women…so can you be sure if your shy girl loves?

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  • Ray D:

    Exactly what does cheating in long-term relationship, say concerning the relationship, and the one who is cheating as well as their attitude regarding their partner and also the relationship, mentioning to relationship over three years.

    1) Do people cheat since they’re unhappy inside the relationship

    2) Could it be about themselves like a person.

    3) Are you able to be deeply in love with your lover is that you simply cheat. ?

  • nick s:

    Can somebody produce some suggestions since i actually want to determine if my girlfriend really loves me and it has feelings for me personally please.

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  • dubmecrazy3:

    I’m really deeply in love with this girl who’s an hair taller then me and a little older.

    Im likely to be 15 june eighth and shes already 15 1/2 and shes 5’8 and i’m 5’7.

    Im quite a attractive guy I’d say and I have to determine if she likes me

    Any Suggestions?

  • x_blind_x_gamer_x:

    Theres this girl which i like, and i believe she likes me. In art class (im 15) she walks by and touches my hair, ALSO how could i recieve her to experience footsie beside me?

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  • Mak Sultan:

    I love this person and that he has texted me every single day now so we kinda sexted me yesterday so we were gonna see a movie together and that he was like we wouldnt be watching any one of it:)” and so i think he may kinda be attracted t me? but exactly what do i only say without having to be too apparent im attempting to start conversation to help keep the convo(over text) going? and do you consider he likes me? also, he requested me to hangout over springbreak so ya!

  • slipknot0129:

    I believe a woman likes but I am unsure, Do you know the signs that the girl loves?

  • Jeff:

    alright. so im the average thirteen year old girl. im popular and have lots of good friends but honestly i barely hang out with any of them. the main reason is that i get nervous about having them over. i don’t want them to be bored or meet my parents for the obvious reason, they’re embarrassing. so i usually just text all of them, watch tv, or play guitar when im at home. i don’t have much of an appetite most of the time. not that im starving myself i just hate forcing down food when im not hungry, it makes me feel sick to my stomach. i don’t like my parents and like any other kid my age i have an attitude tords them. i dont tell them anything thats going on in my life, its not an option. because if i tell my mom, she’ll tell her friends and some how they’re kids find out and try to talk to me about what ever i told my mom and if i tell my dad he’ll tell mom and then she’ll tell her friends and then their kids find out and now they talk to me about them and if i try to talk to my brother he’ll tell my mom and..well.. you know, this has happend, litterally, EVERY time i have tryed to tell a person in my family about someting numerous times. so i just gave up on telling them anything at all. now my mom sees all this as a very big problem, being the drama qween she is, is trying to sighn me up for something i think is called an ‘in house treatment focility’ were i may have to stay over night to work out my mysterious “problems” my mom said shes been noticing. i am truly a very happy person and im not just saying that. i do act very different at home though. mostly because i can’t stand my parents. like any other teenager. my parents and i do fight alot but not enough to take the drastic measures my mom is taking. i KNOW i dont need this. i just need a way to talk my mom out of signing me up. this whole thing is stressing me out. i’ve never been so sad or worried in i dont know how long. i keep crying when ever i think of it. if shes trying to help its deffenetly not working! please help me get out of this mess!

  • musicistabest:

    i truly need assistance i like this person

  • Ray D:

    i thought about Bi-polar depression maybe…?

    lately i just have the urge to not listen…or care about things i used to :(

    i also have:

    1 lost appetite for most foods i loved..
    2 fatigue
    3 unexplained guilt
    4 mixed emotions
    5 cant make up my mind on anything!!! (is the most obvious)
    6 cant go to sleep at night (till 3 am)
    7 oversleeping somedays…until 1 pm
    8 sadness
    9 worthless
    10 difficulty with relationships
    11 muscle aches
    12 Lack of interest in playing with friends
    13 being bored all the time..
    14 and just not caring or felling worthless :/

    for about a couple months some of the symptoms started

    i have been going through a ROUGH time with my dad and all this…

    but the worst thing that i cant control is the mixed emotions to where i CANNOT MAKE UP MY MIND ON ANYTHING!!! i like something or someone then dislike then like dislike etc

    i have been so depressed for like no reason lately and i just dont have the motivation or energy to do much of anything lately
    i tried to be happy and think of positve things and then that “mixed enotion” thing keeps coming in and i get discouarged… :(
    what should i do?
    and i want to talk to my mom about it but i know shes just going to be like “o ur just being ur teenage self”
    but for real for the past months or so i never felt like this before :/

    how do i explain this to my mother?
    thnx : /

  • Lia-lu-li:

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  • PillowMan1234:

    This person demonstrated a lot of apparent signs that he’s interested.

    although as he last spoke in my experience he stated he really was bored, and requested me the way i was etc

    it seemed like he was bored so he spoken in my experience, even when he was why would he let me know this?

    or maybe it was just something to state?

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